We have had so many blessings already in our IVF process, where God has shown us that His hand is on this entire process. After being told that our insurance authorization would take 2 weeks, which would delay our starting and make us unable to do 2 cycles before we move. Then, 3 hours later, our nurse calls to say they gave us same-day authorization — unheard of.

Additionally, our insurance told us that things that we were originally told were covered, weren't and that we would have to pay for 20% of the procedure and that none of our injectable medications were covered (FYI - IVF is 98% injectable medications, and they costs several thousand dollars EACH).

Shortly after receiving this news, I declined a dinner theatre invitation with friends, as I felt like we needed to cut back on spending. Then, immediately, we got a message from a friend who had no idea what was going on, but wanted to pay for us to go out to this dinner theatre with her. It may feel small, but it felt like God was speaking to us saying "I've got this. Just trust me. I can provide in ways you wouldn't think of." Then, our doctor's office called after hearing of how much was not being covered, and helped us come up with alternate options for us to get the exact injectables that we need with no cost to us.

We felt that in the span of a few hours, on the day before we started IVF, God showed up in so many unique and different ways just to remind us that He led us to IVF and that He would provide a way. I'm so grateful. Our insurance could have just covered it, as expected, but I know that we would not have felt God's presence as strongly as we did watching Him provide when we thought there was not another way. We are so blessed, and reminded that God has this all under control.