Gabriel Canvases


His first name, Gabriel, is an homage to Jessi’s Mother’s side of the family, who have the family name Gabriel. Her grandfather, Jere Gabriel, went by Gabe before he affectionately become Gramps.

Gabriel is a Hebrew name meaning God is my strength.

We see that phrase in Psalm 84:7 (ESV):

They go from strength to strength;
each one appears before God in Zion.

The Chinese character 力 is strength, here’s Psalm 84:7 in CNV:

直到各人在錫安朝見 神。

Penguins are well known to be Jessi’s favorite animal. Here they symbolize a snuggly pair of parents and a snuggly baby: one happy family.


My Chinese name is 邱義滿, Chiu E-man, which means “His righteousness has been fulfilled.” My Grandfather chose it for me. We considered going with Righteous as a middle name for Gabriel to pass on the traditional father’s name as the middle name, but also to honor the tradition of virtuous middle names that we have from each of our four babies that weren’t ready to be born here on earth: Avery Miracle, Hayden Promise, Hadley Hope, and Riley Patience. Ultimately, we decided to go with Evan, giving Gabriel his father’s first name as his middle name, following the tradition in each of our families.

I wasn't all about the middle initial when we started seeing Gabriel E. Chiu on our paperwork. It looked silly to me, like Chuck E. Cheese. But as I've thought about it, the E is the sound of the 義 character, which is in my father's name (邱仁義), and in my name (邱義滿). So I've come around to really liking it!

I have always liked tigers. I was born in the year of the tiger and I was married in the year of the tiger.


Our family name, Chiu (邱) means hill. My grandfather brought the name here to America when he immigrated with his family from Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. There’s an entry about our name in the Chinese Wikipedia: 邱姓.

You know what Hamilton and Lafayette say:

Immigrants, we get the job done

The elephants are the primary theme for Gabriel’s nursery, the first place that these canvases will be hanging.

Font provides free fonts in various script styles. This one is HiraginoGyoDS.