Today, I took a walk down to Calvary Cemetery to visit this tree that I've visited before. It is special tree in a special little place, alone in a small clearing. I came here first when we lost Avery and I've been back since the time we lost Hayden.

I had thought about setting a memorial up here but I’ve decided against it because I don't know if this great tree might be special to someone else. As such, I wouldn't want to put anything onto it, spoiling it for others.

But here it is in this secluded clearing, behind the cemetery, with some rays of light coming in from the sun right on to the tree, it's very peaceful, and the birds are singing, and I really believe that the Lord is going to bring it all together for us.

And this is my encouragement, this is my Father's Day.

This tree is the inspiration for the cover page of the blog.