We chose to name our first baby that we lost through miscarriage, Avery. It was important to us to cherish the life God gave us, even if we could not keep Avery with us on earth. Naming our little one was one of the big ways we connect and remember them. Having a unisex name was important to us, since we did not get to know the gender before we miscarried.

So, we again chose to name our little one with a unisex name. It took us longer this time to settle on a unisex name that we both loved. We ultimately decided on:

Hayden Promise Chiu

Evan and I had two different meanings for the middle name. Evan chose it because it relayed the promise the Lord has spoken to our hearts that He will provide us a child to love and cherish on this side of Heaven. I chose it because it relayed the promise that God has that we will see Hayden again in Heaven.