The Lord definitely ministers through music to me. I listened to a lot of 90’s Christian music and there’s so much that’s relevant. It’s so helpful that I already know all of the words, just singing right along to songs I haven’t considered in a decade.

Today, I’ve been listening to The Waiting’s self-titled debut album from 1997. The beauty of Apple music is that it’s available to me wherever I might be. So here I am, listening, crying, believing. Trusting in a God whose revealed His incredible faithfulness over and over again.

It is Enough

So if it drives you to the Savior, then don’t disconnect the pain, He’s got one excuse to hold you, and never let you go again

Never Dim

I look at you, your eyes are clear and bright, I see your face it’s an amazing sight

Your glory Lord is still a burning light, a light that all our faithless hands could never dim