We have had a lot of life change in the last few months. In July, we began our first IVF cycle, and found out we were pregnant. In August, we found out we were miscarrying. Then, in September, we moved across the country. Whew!

The timing of the miscarriage was very difficult because it was right when we were leaving the friends and the doctors we loved. Our move across the country also left us with less time to process through our grief. However, we had so much support, and were able to move across the country with very few hiccups. Though with all of what was happening, this move was definitely more difficult than the last, and we've had more difficulty "settling in."

After spending a month trying to get our new insurance set up, we were finally able to connect with our new doctor. She believes that we should have had the surgery to remove my tube during our miscarriage. I will be having that surgery in the coming months, after which we can begin to think about our next IVF cycle (probably not until the beginning of next year to allow for recovery from surgery). We are excited to be able to use one of our two frozen embryos with the hope to be able to meet this little one on this side of Heaven.

Today is exactly two months after we found out that we were miscarrying our precious Hadley Hope. Today is also National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. So, today, we choose to share, to love, and to remember lives that were much, much too short. Today, we choose to continue to break the silence around miscarriage. Today, we choose to grieve, to mourn hard and to mourn with hope!

Our hearts are still heavy, our arms are still empty, and our HOPE still rests in the One who holds the whole word in His hands.

So, to our precious Avery, Hayden, Hadley, and our three embryos that I never got to carry... we love you, and we can't wait to see you in Heaven one day.

"Oh as you run,What hindered love will only become part of the story" Come Out of Hiding by Stephanie Gretzinger