We chose to name both our first three babies that we lost through miscarriage, Avery Miracle, Hayden Promise, and Hadley Hope. It was important to us to cherish the lives God gave us, even if we could not keep Avery, Hayden, or Hadley with us here on earth. Naming our little ones has always been very important to us, and one of the big ways we were able honor and remember them. Having a unisex name was important to us, since we did not get to know the gender before we miscarried. Instead of a traditional middle name, we have chosen a something that represents a character trait that is meaningful to us. Don't worry, our little ones won't be teased for their unique middle names on the playgrounds of heaven!

We chose to name our precious little one Riley Patience. Evan and I both instantly loved the name Riley, which means valiant. Later, friends pointed out that Riley was the main character's name in Inside Out and Girl Meets World, both of which I am obsessed with. Oh, the irony! As we wrestled with the grief of our 4th miscarriage, we felt that patience was at the heart of our journey, as we continued to strive to wait on God's promises in the moments that He brings us to the joys of the top the mountain or grief in the depths of the valley.