Today’s the day! It’s Transfer Day! Today’s the day we’ll go in and get that embryo transferred over from the waking station into Jessi.

It’s a super fun day. I’m working from home all day, and Jessi just keeps coming over to bother me, to laugh, snuggle and hang out. It’s not a very good day for getting work done, I’m barely able to put enough time in to get the sprint ready, although I ran out of time for lunch and had to snarf down some soup right before driving to SRM to receive the transfer.

Jessi and I drove ourselves to the office and paid the luxury parking fee. We normally take the bus, but today is all about relaxing and celebrating, so it was worth it. Jessi was super full from downing more than a full 24oz gatorade, but they want you to be super full, so they can do what they need to do with the ultrasound.