Transfer day is the most magical day. It is the first opportunity that you get to see your little love, and you are seeing your baby so much earlier than you normally would be able to. We were giddy all day leading up to the appointment. Evan worked from home that day, and I tried not to bug him incessantly with "we are going to get to meet our baby today" squealing ALL day.

When we got to the surgery center, we were set up in a beautiful suite that connects to the lab.

We were anxious to get an update from the lab about how our embryo was doing as it was prepared for the transfer. The embryologist came in and gave us a picture of our precious little embryo, and said it was doing perfect! We were so relieved and ecstatic. Just seeing a picture of our little love made our hope and joy even more tangible!

Embryo Picture

We were able to watch with amazement the entire process this time on a screen. We saw the lab technician use a tiny suction to grab our embryo off the petri dish, which was then handed to the doctor. We were then able to watch on the screen via ultrasound as our precious little embryo was transferred into the uterus. The doctor was careful to transfer lower in the uterus this time to help prevent the embryo from traveling into my remaining tube.

Embryo on the screen

Embryo Suction

While it is impossible to see the embryo in the picture, it is snuggled in right next to the green cross!

Embryo Transfer Ultrasound

The doctors allowed us time to rest, but this time told us it wasn't necessary. We rested for a few minutes, but then my bladder was screaming from those millions of ounces of fluid and I snuck out to the restroom.

We went home and spent the day reveling in the joy of this little miracle inside of me. We prayed together over this life, and hoped that we would be able to hold this precious child one day.