So, we have been trying to wait to tell people that we are pregnant until after our next ultrasound where they will try again to date our pregnancy. The natural question after you say “WE ARE PREGNANT!!!” is “WHEN ARE YOU DUE?” So, we thought waiting at least until we had the answer to that question would make sense. However, you can see from our previous posts that we had not waited to tell people very well…Oops! :) We were very excited.

Our friend, Shaina, said we were acting like this woman. Hilarious! We have been fairly awkward in our attempts to keep our secret, on several occasions creating very awkward moments. For example, I told Shaina (who didn’t know yet), that Evan and I were having a dinner and movie date night, and she followed up with the obvious next question of “What movie are you seeing?” To which I panic, because we were going to watch What to Expect When You Are Expecting - a movie I waited to watch until I was pregnant. But, I couldn’t say THAT!! So, I said the Netflix movie that we had sitting on our counter - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. For good reason, our friend freaked out and then retold the story to everyone at the party in an attempt to convince me to pick a different movie for our date night.

Another awkward time was when our friend Krista asked us in front our entire group of friends at froyo one night if we were putting a car seat in our new car. In fairness, she said this because I had just made some super awkward comment about needing an extra seat in the back (for the record, I was referring to lawn chairs). Clearly, I had no good answer and just decided to laugh for an inappropriate amount of time before my friend Shaina (who knew at this point) saved me. Fail.

I’m just so bad at keeping secrets.

Evan and I had always said that we did not want to wait to tell people until the “safe window” because truly there is never a 100% guarantee of safety. Ultimately, we have to trust the Lord and His plan no matter what it is, and we wanted to choose to celebrate the moments that we did have and not fear the moments that are unknown. Also, I knew that if we were ever supposed to walk through the difficulty of a miscarriage that I would not want to do that alone, and would instead need the support of our friends and family. Luckily, Evan was very supportive of that. So, we were going to tell EVERYONE, just as soon as we had a due date!

However, we’ve obviously told a number of people at this point! Evan is going to make a video montage of us telling some of these people. At this point, we’ve told our families and extended families and started to tell some friends. Three friends we don’t have videos of telling are our friends, Amie, Kevin, and Shaina.

Amie and Kevin - I tried really hard to find a skype date time for all 4 of us all nonchalantly, which didn’t work. I tried so hard I made it a little obvious. Amie and Kevin knew about the medical issues making it hard for us to get pregnant for the past 10 months, and I had tried to trick Amie by my cycle restarted (remember, I tricked my mom this way.. maybe it’d work twice). It didn’t. She knew, and I gave up trying to get all 4 of us together and told them impulsively on skype myself (hence, the no video camera).

Facetime with Amie

Shaina - I set up this huge excuse for Shaina and I to go get our nails done by ourselves. We usually invite a bunch of girls, but I made the excuse that we needed to do our worship planning at the nail salon. Anyways, after revisiting the terrible movie choice story above before I was ready to tell her the movie we actually saw, we were talking about needing more band members, and I made the the awkward joke saying that I could just make her another band member. She was obviously confused, so I said - “What if I told you, I’d be singing for two?” This was followed by squeals and a lot of “are you serious?” Then, we had so much fun talking about baby excitement, and me retelling her stories, such as what movie we were actually going to watch. We clearly didn’t get much worship planning done this day.