And again we have no new answers, no fresh understanding, no enlightenment to ease the pain of our sorrows and our trials. Here we are crying out to the Lord.

I went to the grocery to get some food and the cheeses Jessi would need to make her epic crock pot mac n cheese. On the way home I'm just feeling so numb so I'm listen to Mad World with Gary Joule to feel the sad, but then Leaving 99 by Audio A. That second song really ministered to me through some tough times in college. It was the number one most played song on my iTunes at the time. It still brings tears to my eyes.

Here I am Lord, come find me, leave those 99 to come find me in my mud and miry clay.

It's raining and thunder storming as I sit in the driveway writing this, waiting for a clear moment to bring the groceries in.