Since telling people of the miscarriage, Jessi and I have been incredibly blessed by a pair of sisters in law who each brought us food to last for days while we’re dealing with the grief and the (especially for Jessi) physical pain of the passing.

Yesterday, Liz Reardon brought over a full pan of homemade lasagna and a chicken and ziti double entree from Michael’s Pasta in a Pan, with the chicken and broccoli cooked separately.

Today, Ashley Reardon, and her precious sons (5 and 2 (-ish)), brought over a whole pan of baked ziti, a giant bowl of tortellini (with meatballs separated), garlic bread, breadsticks, chocolates and a book of encouragement.

We’re just so blessed to at the generosity and love poured out to us.  Liz and Ashley, you really are God’s hands and feet extended.