I have undoubtedly never in my life been so blessed by the caring of others than during this season. I am tearful just remembering it. We had 2 of our friends bring us an entire week worth of meals for both lunch and dinner. Two people brought us that much food. They were so generous. I was on heavy medications for 5 days and pretty incapacitated, so having pre-made meals for us was an absolute miracle.

Other friends texted us, gchat, fb messenger, called, sent cards, prayed with us, took me to ice cream, let us share our hearts and tears. Every single day for weeks someone would reach out to encourage us. Two of our favorite pastors and their wives spent significant time talking with us, praying with us, and just sitting with us. I seriously am so incredibly thankful for all the love and support we received and can’t imagine getting through this time without the support of our family and friends. So, let me again say, “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts we are grateful for you.” This is the role of the church, the message of the gospel - to encourage and lift the heavy-hearted and to carry their burdens with them.