August 24, 7:58am

Now confident that we have a postive prenancy test, Jessi and I head back into the hotel room and look for the right opportunity to tell my parents, one of whom has recently gone missing.

After an eternity of about 5 minutes, they’re both back and packing up to head out, when I annouce:

Mommy and Daddy, we have some great news! We have a postive prenancy result!

I say something like this as I proudly brandish the pregnancy test drawn from my pocket.

Caught off gaurd, they’re not really sure what to do, only resonding with incredulous wait, what, are you serious? comments.

This is real!

Jessi repeats, trying to assure them that this wasn’t some kind of weird joke. Mommy and Daddy are mostly amazed and happy in the same kind of wow, I can’t believe this is real life state that we are.

After a few minutes, they decide that there should be jumping with excitement, and proceed to jump and clap.