August 24th, 7:42am

The morning after Julie and Cliff’s wedding celebration, Jessi and I are at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Polaris, just north of Columbus, OH.

We were getting ready for many hours on the road on the third day of our whirlwind road trip that started with Jessi meeting me in Cincinnati, where I was traveling on business, planning on seeing about a car, that turned out to be in Northern Cincinnati, heading that direction anyway, changing our minds and heading south to Louisville, getting caught in the rain and lightning storm, having an amazing time visiting family, stopping by Cincinnati on the way home to visit a friend in the hospital, me rear-ending my dad’s car into a stopped car headed down a slick street, getting detoured multiple exits off the highway, and finally enjoying the photo show from the day and resting up for a full day of driving.

Jessi asks me if she can take a pregnancy test, just in case, since it’s nearly a new record length waiting for her period to come so we can start on the fertilization medications we’ve just obtained. I feel like it’s unnecessary, but as always, offer for her to take it anyway, just to be sure, and to have the opportunity to tell my parents in person in the case where it’s positive.

Two minutes later she waves be back in the bathroom with wide eyes and a giant smile. I check it myself and try to be entirely sure of what I’m seeing. I immediately pop back out into the room to grab my camera and take this shot:
Positive Test

After much hugging, silent screams, and quiet jumping, we take this shot in the mirror:
Mirror exitement