Evan's college friends have an annual tradition of getting together, which they have dubbed "Brofest." This event is planned for months, and is highly anticipated. This year, four of them were traveling from various parts of the country to be at our house for the week. This year, it was smack dab in the middle of all of this medical uncertainty. I had planned to be gone for a long weekend at home to allow them to have the freedom at the house to enjoy the week, and so that I could squeeze in some quality family and friends time myself.

While it ended up being difficult for me, at times, having so many people in my house during all of this, I also knew it was very good for Evan. He had his closest friends to hash it out with, get support from, to take a break from everything, and to just enjoy being around. They really did have an incredible week full of so many adventures, and for that I am thankful.

I am very thankful that God orchestrated this year's event to be at our house, so that Evan was not a million miles away during all this. I am thankful that he had an outlet during this time, when so many people think pregnancy difficulties are only hard on the woman. I felt like Evan was able to do it all. He went to every appointment with me. He was gracious when I pulled him away from the fun just to talk or to help me with something. But, he was ALSO able to enjoy the moment, and for that, again, I am thankful.

And, if you are like some people who I have talked to, who could not fathom making it through this with a house full of people TRUST me, I had SO much support, too. Many friends brought food, love, prayers, transportation, etc. They got me out of the house when that is what I needed, they came over and joined the Brofest-ivities with me when that is what I needed, they helped me cancel my flight home when I couldn't go, they made sure I was not alone (even when I pushed them away), they send more brownies, cookies and pizza than I could even eat, they watched TV with me, they talked with me, and I had a mini-fashion show with a friend at one point. It was amazing, because my God is amazing and my friends were open to being used by God to minister to us.