My birthday this year was a rough one. As you've read from Jessi's article, we spend the majority of it in the hospital, on a frightful ride of news from the doctors. I'm always glad to spend my birthday with my wife, but the hospital is not my preferred setting.

As we spent the time there, with Jessi moving between varying levels from severe pain to tolerable discomfort thanks to the morphine, it was amazing the ways that God blessed us, and that's what stands out to me looking back at it.

  • Continual great care from the nursing staff at Baystate
  • The arrival of our primary endocrinologist, who happened to be the doctor on rotation that day
  • The opportunity to have our own room at the hospital which was quiet, allowing Jessi to rest
  • Catching up on Marvel's Agents of Shield episodes before Brofest and Avengers 2 came out
  • The blessing of my Apple watch, which had arrived earlier that week, for communication, then later for purchasing the medicines at Walgreens that night.