Here's my journal entries from the day of finding out (the post image is just prior to our conversation with Jessi's mom):

Today's the day!

Today's the day that we find out if we have a baby! I'm just really excited and really ready to know. We are also pretty nervous. It's hard to get your hopes up and then have it not turn out. We can't feel any signs of the pregnancy yet, but we're glad to trust in the Lord's hands.

We're Pregnant!!!

I just got off the phone with Jessi, she called me with the incredible news. She went in this morning for blood work (it’s just the right time where the residual hormones from the shots will be gone, and her body will be producing the appropriate levels for the pregnancy), and just got the call back from the office. I’m just running and jumping around the house with a huge smile on, so excited for the future.

The nurse Jessi really likes Ellen, was the one to call. When Jessi said that she’d made her day, Ellen responded with, “No, you’ve made my day! We’re just so happy for you!”


It's important to remember that were still just regular people, but I feel like super heroes with super exciting news. Like we've accomplished this great feat.