After a few weeks of Evan being so adorably over-protective of me (telling me to be careful, to not stand, to not move too fast, all out of fear that I would "shake the baby out" - don't worry the nurses had assured us this was not a thing, but we were just excited), the waiting was finally over and it was time to know whether or not we were pregnant!

Evan had asked me several times in the past weeks whether I felt different or if I could tell if I was pregnant. I sure wanted to have that feeling, but I didn't. I was worried that it hadn't worked... that we had lost that life. I knew this would feel so different than our previous infertility procedures because when they didn't work, it only brought the disappointment that we weren't pregnant. If this one didn't work, we would have actually lost a life, and I knew the grief would be different.

So, we waited.......... and then the nurses finally called. I ran out of work to take the call. I didn't believe her. I made her repeat herself a million times. We were PREGNANT! I immediately called Evan - we screamed, laughed, and he ran around the house with excitement...All while he reminded me that I was not allowed to run.

Eventually, I had to calm down and go back into work like nothing had happened, because it was important to me that we tell our families first. So, I spent my day scheming on how to surprise them when they already knew it was coming!

Evan's note: Somehow we didn't get any pictures of ourselves that day other than the video with Jessi's mom. The post image above is from the time when we went for a walk to get slushies (I know, defeating the point, right? - but Jessi jokingly called it an early pregnancy craving, claiming the baby needs it) but decided to take a long long way around to get exercise in. It started raining before we could get to 7/11, so we went home and drove there.