Words actually cannot describe how special this day was. On Day 5, we were given the news that we had 2 healthy embryos, as well as 3 that were getting an extra day to develop. They gave us a picture of the embryo right before they transferred it into me. There is something just so incredible about a picture. The visual glimpse of that life that makes our hope and joy more tangible. It is truly indescribable.

hadley pre-transfer

Then, we were able to watch, in awe, on an ultrasound, as one of our precious little ones was transferred into my uterus. We had a chance to pray over this life during the transfer, and were again given the wonderful opportunity to have a picture of the moment the embryo was placed in the uterus. A moment and a picture that I will cherish forever. You can see the little white dot of protective fluid surrounding the embryo.

transfer ultrasound