We had already planned on going to see Evan's family the weekend after we found out that we were pregnant, because Evan's sister, Emily, was in town and Evan's birthday was coming up the following week. We had also planned to squeeze in Mother's Day celebrations that weekend.

We were so glad about the perfect timing of the trip, because this gave us a chance to tell all of them in person. We brainstormed all the various sneaky ways to tell them in the car trip out there. We settled on stopping at the local Christian bookstore, adding Grandma presents to our Mother's Day gifts.

I had a very hard time keeping my lips sealed all day before I convinced Evan to just go ahead and give the Mother's Day gifts after dinner that night.

Opening Mother's Day Cards

Before Opening GRANDmother's Day Gifts

I was able to sneakily video her opening the gifts to record everyone's reaction. Emily's face in the video is PRICELESS.

We had a great time celebrating with everyone that night. The night ended with a million rounds of catchphrase, s'mores, laughter, and dreaming about the future. Such a sweet memory!

Chiu Family Picture