We could not wait to tell our families! We were able to convince my (Jessi's) parents to Google Hangout the next day under the guise of "planning my trip home." My mom and I spent a lot of time on the chat "planning the trip," but since I actually did have a trip home coming up soon I probably should have paid more attention. However, I was getting antsy and just really wanted to tell them! I had to convince her to get my dad on, and after some convincing they eventually started talking about their upcoming vacation.

I casually asked her if she had enough books lined up for her vacation. She said, yes. Then I told her I had a book recommendation for her, and said "You should read What to Expect When Your Daughter's Expecting while holding up the copy of What to Expect When You're Expecting that she gave me during our last pregnancy. Commence shocked faces, a lot of "What, really?" and a LOT of excitement. We spent the rest of the time telling the entire story and dreaming about a Christmas baby. You can watch a clip of the video below.

My mom said she will have a hard time believing that we aren't trying to trick them the next time we ask to Skype, as this is the second time we've surprised them over a video chat.